My passion for healthy cooking began at a young age in my family’s kitchen. I learned to experiment with all types of food without following recipes. I still to this day ask my mom how to make certain dishes that I crave and her answer is different every time! Meals became a highlight of our family’s day and I always looked forward to sitting at the dinner table and sharing stories about our day while dining.

Chef Kim Jacobs of What's Cooking Lakeland

While raising my two children, I learned that there are a lot of “quick” ways to feed our families that are not healthy and have become the norm in many homes. In the search for a better way of nourishing my children, I went back to school to receive my Health Coaching degree. In my studies, I learned how horrific some of the basic foods that we consume are for ourselves and our children. Because of this, I opened a healthy cooking school in Lexington, Kentucky to teach children and adults how to eat clean.

The most rewarding part of my experience was working with children and seeing them develop their skills in the kitchen. I sold my business in Kentucky to move back to my hometown of Lakeland to be closer to my family. Since then, I have been working on opening this school to help local children learn what amazing things can happen in a kitchen.

I am very excited about all that I will have to offer and look forward to hearing feedback about what my customers want and need from me!

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Kimberly Jacobs

M.S. in Hospitality and Certified Health Coach

What We Are

What’s Cooking? is the leading private party establishment for children of all ages. We provide not only a fun environment, but one that is safe and challenges creativity. What’s Cooking? teaches children the importance of clean eating and cooking from scratch in a nut-free kitchen that caters to everyone’s allergies. Camps and classes are offered to further develop cooking skills and teach children about local foods, restaurants and our natural environment.

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We have new and exciting classes, challenges, and competitions that are always fun, exciting, and informative.